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Watertown's Asphalt Artists for Driveway Paving

The Purple Pavers

Get a quote from our Paving Company in Watertown - Deziel Paving

Paving Company in Watertown CT

Watch this video to see how to get the best paving job
from the good guys in the purple trucks.

Looking for the right paving company in Watertown CT?

If you live in Watertown CT then call the purple pavers. Deziel Paving is the contractor that can make your driveway awesome.


Paving is not about finding the lowest price- that's easy to do... just chose a company who cuts corners, doesn't bother to prep the base well and is not insured properly! 

Paving is about doing it right. Great preparation, seamless application, neat edges and controlled water flow, all to last a long, long time.

Deziel Paving has been doing it right for over 25 years. Matt Deziel the owner, is on each and every job making sure you get the right base preparation, the right amount of fresh hot mix, the right finishing touches and the right clean up after the job is done. A Deziel Driveway or parking lot will last and you can count on it!

Great company, very professional their crew is like a well oiled machine each of them knows their job and gets it done. I highly reccomend this company for your driveway or paving needs.

Allan Sandt 

Top notch work! Fair priced and stand behind their product! Highly recommend!

Lisa Pelletier

They are a very reliable contractor, being said no paving company is perfect, but they do quality work and stand behind their finished product.

Mark Vittorini

With a two-year warranty and Matt's watchful eye, your driveway or parking lot will be better than you expect.

I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the paving that we do for you because I personally work on each project with my hand-selected team of asphalt artists. Like all skilled craftman, we understand the subtle touches that distinguish the ordinary from the extraordinary. We recognize that your driveway and/or parking lot are often a visitor’s first impression of your home or business. That’s why we prepare surfaces to exacting specifications, lay down the proper amount of asphalt and add the finishing touches that go above and beyond industry standards. 


Our customers often compliment us on our skill, cutting edge equipment, neatness and professionalism. And, in this economy, our customers are relieved to learn how reasonably priced we are. Call us today 860-945-0873.

We service the central Connecticut area for paving driveways, parking lots and roads. Areas include: Watertown, Waterbury, Thomaston, Burlington, Morris, Bethlehem, Middlebury, Woodbury, Southbury, Wolcott, Southington, Naugatuck, Roxbury, Litchfield, Torrington, Bristol, New Milford, Cheshire, Shelton and more... give us a call!

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