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Driveway Paving

Deziel Paving specializes in residential paving for new construction. Your builder typically will only scrape off some topsoil and throw down a two inch coating of asphalt in order to sell the house. It looks good at the closing but is will not last as cracks will form, ice will heave, and the driveway will fail. Consider asking your builder to allow you to choose the paving company to pave your driveway so that it lasts. A new house needs to have a driveway that is prepared properly, a driveway that has the proper thickness and good driveway design. 


It's an easy 5 step process.


1. Consultation:

We come to your home and look at what you want to accomplish. It could be a brand new construction, a home that never had a paved driveway, or a home with a very old driveway. We will suggest alternatives that will make the best sense for your property. You will get a written estimate of the job along with a detailed timeline.


2. Design:

It's more than just laying down asphalt, it's about creating a beautiful and functional driveway. How many cars will you accommodate? What is the turning radius needed? Will the water run off or pool? Where will the snow piles lie? Is the layout the best it could be? Will you need curbing? How will the walkway meet the driveway? These questions and much more are answered during the design process. Deziel Paving has the years of experience to see these issues up front.


3. Preparation

The base is the main reason why a driveway fails. If the base is not secure and solid, the asphalt will crack and shift. Once the surface forms a crack, water gets in and freezes, pushing it apart. By making the base properly, the asphalt stays firm and will last much longer. In new construction, we even prepare the base and wait up to 7 days to pave so that the base can settle properly.


4. A Proper Blanket

Deziel Paving will always uses a 3" blanket of asphalt that will compress to 2 1/2"inches after rolling and finishing. Anything less and the surface will not last. Beware of pavers that use less to try to save you money.


5. Follow-Up Maintenance

Deziel Paving doesn't forget about you after the job is done. We will do follow up visits in a year or two to see if any issues are forming. Nobody can absolutely guarantee that the ground won't move, so we inspect the job to catch any issues before they become massive problems. We will also offer seal coating to protect and keep the fresh paved look.



Deziel Paving knows how to handle the different shapes and configurations of a driveway. Curves, striaght runs or forks in the driveway are all handles by our asphalt artists. Not everyone is skilled at the creative or complicated driveways so be sure you choose the best paver. Another important factor is drainage and how we can keep the water from going towards the house even in extremely hilly driveways.

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